Surrogacy Laws in the Republic of Georgia

If you are a gay intended parent looking to Georgia for gay surrogacy options, gay surrogacy is currently not permitted. Our surrogacy specialists in Mexico and the US are available to offer you comprehensive care and protection under the law during your surrogacy journey.

Mexico has become a pioneer in medical tourism and international surrogacy services; as they recognize gay couples make extremely loving parents and are dedicated to assisting LGBT individuals in attaining their dreams.

Our partnered clinics in Mexico and the US behold an array of expertise and advanced surrogacy knowledge. Programs are custom-tailored and are met with extreme dedication.

What Does the Law State

Article 143 Section b of Georgia Laws state that if a woman is unable to conceive due to defects or issues in her uterus, surrogacy arrangement is permissible to create a child. But intended parents must present a written consent to this surrogacy arrangement. Surrogate mother holds no legal rights to keep the baby.


Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is written in an effort to provide accurate general information on the legalities of gay surrogacy by state, please be aware that the laws are continuously changing, and this page is not necessarily updated instantaneously as to all aspects of the law. Please be aware that the law is controversial and unsettled in some areas; check back with us often for legal updates and information regarding gay surrogacy in this location.

by Kai Wade
Director of Communications & Social Media

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