Gay Surrogacy Laws in India

In contrast to the new laws prohibiting same-sex couples from enjoying the benefit of surrogacy births, there has been a significant increase in single gay males and lesbian couples turning to Thailand, Mexico and the US to pursue their dreams of parenthood.

The new law states that couples seeking to enter into a surrogacy arrangement in India must be a “man and woman (who) are duly married and the marriage should be sustained at least two years.”

While the ruling remains to be a heartbreak for the LGBT communities, as well as singles, intended parents should not give up on their dreams. Parenthood can still be reached through our elite services offered in Thailand and Mexico.


Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is written in an effort to provide accurate general information on the legalities of gay surrogacy by state, please be aware that the laws are continuously changing, and this page is not necessarily updated instantaneously as to all aspects of the law. Please be aware that the law is controversial and unsettled in some areas; check back with us often for legal updates and information regarding gay surrogacy in this location.

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