Medical Screening

ALL IN PERFECT BALANCE. As a gay male dad to be — you have reached the destination in your journey that is inclusive to you and your child’s health. Take a deep breath and let the fertility clinic of your choice guide you through the entire process.

Your first visit to a fertility center will entail a meticulous interview with a physician or fertility specialist.

At this stage, the physician will review your records and ask relevant questions about your medical history and your family building goals.

A  new patient’s testing includes blood work and a semen analysis; if you have not had this test completed previously. Together, you and your physician will review the options for your upcoming process of building a family through gay surrogacy.

For intended fathers who are supplying a sperm sample for the surrogacy treatment process, several medical tests will be needed.

Testing Needed For Gay Male Surrogacy

• Infectious Disease Screenings (HIV, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C antibody, RPR)

• Semen Analysis

• Blood Count

• Hemoglobin Testing

• Psychological Counseling

Options for HIV Positive Gay Males

Gay Male intended fathers who are HIV positive may still be able to enjoy parenthood with an advanced reproductive technique; a new sperm washing and testing process. Never lose hope of becoming a father through Surrogacy.

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