Gay Surrogacy Laws in Russia

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There are no exceptions to general rule. Single, unmarried, gays, and lesbians are allowed to take part in surrogacy contracts

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What Does the Law State

The federal law code “On Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation” grants couples (including those who have not been officially married) and single women the right to participate in the surrogacy arrangements. Under Russian law, all individuals have the right to use the services of a surrogate mother.

Art. 51 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation states that couples, who have given their written consent for the implantation of an embryo to another woman for the purpose of carrying it to term, can be registered as parents of the child only with the consent of the woman who gave birth to that child (the surrogate mother).

Art. 52 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation states that neither the spouses, who have given their consent for the implantation of an embryo to another woman, nor the surrogate mother (section two, paragraph 4 of article 51 of the present Code) have the right to invoke these circumstances when contesting the parentage after the parents have been entered into the register of births.


Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is written in an effort to provide accurate general information on the legalities of gay surrogacy by state, please be aware that the laws are continuously changing, and this page is not necessarily updated instantaneously as to all aspects of the law. Please be aware that the law is controversial and unsettled in some areas; check back with us often for legal updates and information regarding gay surrogacy in this location.

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