Donating Sperm

PUTTING YOUR SIGNATURE ON PARENTHOOD. Gay men who are looking to build a family through surrogacy require the services of an egg donor; who provides the eggs, as well as a gestational carrier; who will carry the pregnancy.

Most significantly, sperm is used from the gay male single  intended parent;  or by one or both partners in a same-sex relationship.

The intriguing quesiton — who will provide the sperm?

Sperm Donation For Gay Males — Step By Step

Step 1 | Deciding on the Biological Connection

If you are planning on having more than one child, you and your partner can choose to have a biological connection in the first surrogate arrangement and vice versa in the second surrogacy arrangement.

Some male couples today use donor eggs afforded by a relative of one partner, and the sperm from one partner, giving both of you a biological connection to the child.

Fertility specialists may incorporate programs to inseminate half the eggs with sperm from one partner and the other half of the eggs with sperm from the other partner, so that the embryos are created from both men in separate units.

This can result in twins or multiples genetically related to both partners, or can also serve as a way of not having to choose specifically which partner will be the father and letting life just take its course.

Step 2 | Donating Sperm

Before undergoing the first cycle of IVF treatment, the clinic will perform a semen analysis. It is significant for both you and your partner  to be aware of any medical issues that may lead to infertility such as past ailments, chemo therapy or radiation, and other genetic or health conditions.

The test can be done through a primary care physician or a fertility specialist and will also determine the sperm concentration (number), sperm motility (movement) and sperm morphology (shape and development).

If fertility issues are detected, know that a fertility specialist can treat many issues. If you plan to take turns with your partner in providing the sperm, both men should have a semen analysis.

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