Gay Surrogacy Laws in Armenia

Gay Surrogacy is illegal in Armenia to gay intended parents pursing parenthood.

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What Does the Law State

Surrogate mom has no legal right over baby if she is not the biological mother.

If surrogate mom is also the biological mother of baby, she can choose to put an end to the contract by reimbursing all compensations taken by her. But intended parents will have to bear all expenses related to fertilization and pregnancy and these are not reimbursable.


Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is written in an effort to provide accurate general information on the legalities of gay surrogacy by state, please be aware that the laws are continuously changing, and this page is not necessarily updated instantaneously as to all aspects of the law. Please be aware that the law is controversial and unsettled in some areas; check back with us often for legal updates and information regarding gay surrogacy in this location.

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